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April 25, 2017
6:07 PM

Engineering Division  
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Welcome to the
Department of Technical Services (DOTS)
Engineering Division

The Engineering Division of the Department of Technical Services (“DOTS”) is responsible for all the oversight and preparation of engineering documents in the Town.  The staff of Engineering contains three professional engineers and various support staff. They oversee the preparation and administration of
contracts for major public work projects; they review all proposed improvements submitted to the Code Enforcement Department and Planning Board for code compliance in area of surface water control, erosion control and adequacy of road, sewer, and utility plans.

The Engineering Division also provides sewer line locations and maintains records of same, provides surveying and drafting service for public improvement projects, reviews plans for filling and dredging, oversees paving of Town roads and administers Capital Improvement projects for the Town. 

In addition there are a variety of Technical Services that the Engineering Division is involved with including:

Capital Improvement Plan:  The Engineering Division provides specification, and contract documentation preparation for Capital Improvement Projects.

Town Board:  The Engineering Division acts as a Technical Advisor for projects before the Town Board.

Planning Board:  Application Review, Site Inspection, Follow-up, and Planning Board Technical Advisor.

Sewer Connection Permits:  Sewer connection permits are filed through the Engineering Division.  Please call the Engineering Division, (914) 734-1060, for more information.

Individual Lot Site Plan Approvals:  The Engineering Division approves Site Plans for one and two family homes on individual lots.  Application for Site Plan Approval is incorporated with the building permit (no separate application exists) and application is made through the Code Enforcement Division.

Property Surveys:  The Engineering Division has surveys on file for some parcels that existed prior to 1983 in the Town of Cortlandt.  For a $50 research fee, the Engineering Division will research their files and provide a copy of the survey if it exists.  This information is furnished as a courtesy by the Town of Cortlandt Engineering Department and the Town of Cortlandt assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the this information. The Code Enforcement Division may have more up to date information if the property has been altered since 1983. 

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Administration:  Copies of FEMA maps are available for viewing in the Engineering Division.  If you have questions about flood insurance, call your local, licensed casualty or property insurance agent, call the National Flood Insurance Hotline at 1-800-427-4661



For more information about the  Engineering Division including a Contact and Frequently Asked Questions - please click on the upper left hand corner of the site "Engineering Division" and view the different drop down menus.



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