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October 09, 2015
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Comprehensive Master Plan  
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Statement from the Town Supervisor on July 9, 2004 Master Plan Release


            During the past three years we have had a townwide building moratorium while the Town’s committee, staff and Town Board have concluded a new Master Plan (Comprehensive Plan) to help shape and guide the next decade of planning and zoning for our community.


            Our goal was to continue our success of maintaining open space (we’ve preserved an additional 67% of land during this administration), protect our environment and natural resources and control our growth and development.  (The 2000 census stated Cortlandt only grew by 1% over the past decade – lowest in our area.)


            After several years of hard work and evaluation by all involved and after holding many public information meetings and public hearings and listening to our residents, we  are very pleased with the document that has resulted from these efforts.


            It will strengthen our environmental laws, eliminate unnecessary density bonuses, suggest improvements for infrastructure including roadways, encourage historic preservation as well as enhancements to our Hudson River waterfronts, explore alternative sources of energy for the Town’s use, continue with our policy of providing affordable housing and continue to assist our local businesses and economy and most importantly -  control development.


            The major result of this new Master Plan followed by revisions to our zoning codes will be a reduction of 40% of the potential full build out that could occur if these changes were not made and implemented.  That equates to 2,500 less dwelling units that could possibly have been built if we did not make these important changes.


            We already have slowed down our growth substantially with previous measures, however, more needed to be done.  This Master Plan is a culmination of experience, knowledge and a philosophy that has collectively created a plan and a vision that we can all be proud of to continue our quality of life in Cortlandt.





Supervisor Linda D. Puglisi


Note:    This new Master Plan will be voted on at the 8/17/04 Town Board Meeting.

click here to view the Master Plan Presentaion from the 8/17/04 town Board Meeting.



The following are PDF documents to each chapter within the Master Plan. The entire Mater Plan is also available to download in this section. Please note that these documents are also available to download in our Forms and Downloads section. 

Please note that all documents
require Adobe Reader 

Entire Comprehensive Master Plan:

Comprehensive Master Plan (5.93 MB)

Individual Chapters:

Title Page (133 KB)

Executive Summary (153 KB)

Purpose and Need (100 KB)

Background & Public Participation (178 KB)

Chapter 1: Land Use: Open Space, Rec. & Community Facilities (573 KB)

Chapter 2: Land Use: Residential (347 KB)

Chapter 3: Land Use: Commercial/Industrial (364 KB)

Chapter 4: Natural Resources (640 KB)

Chapter 5: Traffic and Transportation (387 KB)

Chapter 6: Utilities (339 KB)

Chapter 7: Local Services (417 KB)

Chapter 8: Visual Quality & Community Appearance (522 KB)

Chapter 9: Historic Preservation (2.08 MB)

Chapter 10: Addendum: Biodiversity in Cortlandt (129 KB)
Additional Content to Follow

Addendum: Historic Roads

Tables & Figures
Content to Follow

2003 Conceptual Land Use Map & Preliminary Open Space Map

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