OIL COMPANIES FOR 2018/2019 (Effective 9/7/2018)
Super Fuel Oil  (Confirmed) 914-930-8655
Cheap Oil (Confirmed) 845-628-8389
Check Oil  (Confirmed) 914-736-6573       
Direct Oil (Confirmed) 914-495-3073
Buy Rite Fuel  (Confirmed)  914-737-2200
Economy Oil  (Pending) 914-739-5590    
Conte Fuel  (Confirmed) 914-762-3777
S & W Oil (Confirmed) 914-293-7246
Just Oil  (Pending) 914-302-2565
Mahopac Fuel Oil Corp.  (Pending)  845-600-2100

Important Note:  If you have a problem with a heating oil vendor please contact the Westchester Consumer Protection Agency

These are subject to change as new oil companies could be added to the program.  Call the companies directly for pricing, method of payment, delivery schedules, service plan options and all other customer service questions.