Cortlandt Global Warming Action Plan Update



December 2008


The following items have been initiated as part of the Town’s energy conservation and global warming action plan.


1.  “Go-for-the Green” energy conservation announcements and other how to conserve all forms of resources and energy in the home by Councilman John Sloan at each twelve monthly Town Board Meetings in 2008.  A list of the topics for each month will be posted in early 2009.


2.  Formation of a Global Warming Citizen Advisory Committee, including continuation of the identification of Cortlandt as an Energy Smart Community in the Smart Energy New York campaign


3.  Joining ICLEI, a world wide organization committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and working resource for local government global warming action programs


4.  Endorsed the Climate Communities Blueprint for combating global warming


5.  Adoption of the US mayors Pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in municipal operations


6.  Completing an energy audit of the Town Hall building


7.  Directives to shut down unnecessary computers, printers, monitors, fax machines, office copiers during off hours


8.  Directives to reduce toward elimination of all foam food serving products in Town use


9.  Pilot project for Town Hall and the Morabito Community Center for conversion to green cleaning products


10.  Establishment of Town Par & Ride designated car pooling and ride share locations


11.  Continuation of open space acquisition and adoption of tree ordinance


12.  Investigation of bio-fuels for selected Town operations


13.  Attendance at various local and regional seminars and conferences on global warming


14.  Hosted a Grass Roots organization organic turf maintenance seminar attended by both Town Park maintenance staff and local private sector landscape maintenance companies


15.  Continuation of the utilization of the Town’s Environmental Monitoring in land use development projects


16.  Promotion increasing residential recycling participation by Cortlandt households in concert with Westchester County programs


17.  Town disposal of hazardous materials in old inventories in a NYSDEC regulated hazardous materials waste disposal program


18.  Increased all recycling efforts in Town Hall


19.  Establishment of a pilot organic lawn maintenance program for the courtyard entrance area to Town Hall, and investigation of expanding this concept and long term commitment for other Town parklands


20.  Assisting Con-Edison utility in being one of their liaisons to post Con-Edison energy saving tips of techniques on the Town of Cortlandt web-site


21.  Analysis by staff in the development of more energy efficient building codes for new and existing residential construction


22.  Received grant form the New York Power Authority for the installation of photo voltaic panels to produce supplemental electricity for the new Cortlandt Youth Center, currently under construction, and inclusion of eight other green features in building design and furnishings


23.  Tree save-relocation of large 20 inch sugar maple from one Town property location to another location


24.  NYSDEC “Trees for Tributaries” program in Croton, and the Hollowbrook Country Club, including a wet land restoration


25.  NYSDEC Urban Forestry program for planting of utility wire friendly trees in Verplanck


26.  Continuation of Storm Water regulations


27.  Earth Day program and County Veggie-Van demonstration of bio-fuel as alternative fuel source




Next steps for 2009 and beyond to build upon the leadership example that has been established to further develop and reinforce the positive actions of the Town government and its employees.  These are recommendations for additional action items to analysis and implementation in 2009.


Step 1.  All Departments


A significant next step is to involve all Town Hall and off-site departments in the next phase of a more comprehensive program to address global warming at the department level operations.


·        Develop a plan to further reduce energy, paper, and other office waste

·        Adoption of green purchasing practices at the point of ordering and request-to-purchase

·        Increase recycling

·        Reduction in office lighting during the day on sunlit side of building

·        Reduce use of individual desktop printers and use central printers

·        Participation in general energy reduction goals

·        Install timers and/or motion detector in all restrooms, closets etc.


Step 2.  Transportation


·        Increase use of bio-fuels in Town vehicles and building heating systems

·        Vehicle non-idling policy to be consistent with County recently enacted law

·        When vehicles are purchased consideration of the operating cost benefit analysis of additional hybrids, and other alternative fuel vehicles

·        Increased use of Town vehicle truck and car pooling for Town operations


Step 3.  Town Boards


·        Establish Town Board endorsed energy consumption reduction goals for 2009 and 2010 based on the recommendations of the Citizen Advisory Committee that are consistent with the completed Town Hall Energy Audit and other global warming best practices

·        Investigation of Energy Star and LEEDS building codes for new construction

·        Consideration of directives to alter and modifying sanitation collection routes to reduce fuel consumption without reductions in collection schedules and services

·        Consideration and analysis of establishing an increased year round organic yard waste program for curbside pick up or residential drop off

·        Further consideration of the purchase of the minimum wind power source for 5% Town Hall electricity

·        Adoption of Green Procurement Policy, where applicable for Town purchases


Step 4.  Citizens Advisory Committee


·        Further develop the existing Town web-site Global Warming/Climate Change section

·        Develop a series of Town television CH 78 public service announcements and other global warming/climate change informational programs

·        Increased presence at televised Town Board meetings, and other Town forums to support the work being done and encourage/educate the residents in greater green actions