You and your family’s safety is our first concern. Westchester and Putnam Counties, New York State, and Entergy Nuclear Northeast have jointly developed special plans to protect you and your family should there be an emergency at Indian Point.

How would I know there’s an emergency? Alert sirens are located throughout the 10-mile area around Indian Point. These sirens would sound continuously for three to five minutes. The siren is not a signal to leave the area. It is a signal to tune in to an Emergency Alert System (EAS) radio or television station. Emergency broadcasts on these stations will provide instructions on what you should do. The sirens are tested at different times during the year. Scheduled tests are announced in the news media.

The emergency directions provided over the Emergency Alert System may ask you to take some of the following actions.

Sheltering–Staying Indoors

Listen to the Emergency Alert System broadcasts and stay indoors until the Emergency Alert System broadcasts say it is safe to go outside.

-Close all doors, windows and vents.

-Turn off all fans, air conditioners and other systems that bring air in from the outside.

-Put out fires in fireplaces and close the fireplace damper.

-Bring pets indoors.

-Use your telephone only if you need emergency help.


You should leave your home or business only if the Emergency Alert System broadcasts tell you to. The broadcasts will tell you what areas should evacuate and provide any special instructions. You may be told to take your KI-(potassium iodide) tablet.

-Stay calm. You should leave as quickly as possible, but there will be enough time to:

-Turn off all appliances and faucets.

-Turn your furnace down or off. Turn off all air conditioners and fans.

-Lock all windows and doors.

-Pack enough necessities for three days, including clothing, medications and important papers.

 -Stay tuned to an Emergency Alert System radio, television station for information and instructions.

If your children are in school during an emergency, their schools have emergency plans in place. The School Districts work with Westchester and Putnam Counties to assure your children’s safety. If an emergency occurred at Indian Point while your children were in school, they could be:

  • Sent home early using your children’s school’s early dismissal plan.
  • Kept in their schools and wait for further instructions.
  • Relocated by bus to a School Reception Center.

Some schools have parental pickup programs whereby parents are given a certain amount of time to get to the school to pick-up their children before they are evacuated by bus. Parents should check with their individual schools on the availability of this option.

Listen to your radio or watch television for Emergency Alert System messages, news briefings and regular updates to learn what actions are being taken during an emergency at Indian Point. A special Public Inquiry hotline will be activated to answer questions about the emergency. This inquiry phone number will be announced through the media.

The Emergency Alert System Radio and Television Stations in this area are:

    WFAN-AM  660 KHz  New York                 WRRV-FM  92.7 MHz      Middletown

WABC-AM  770 KHz  New York                 WQXR-FM  96.3 MHz     New York

 WCBS-AM   880 KHz  New York                 WHUD-FM  100.3 MHz    Peekskill

       WFAS-AM  1230 KHz New York                  WFAS-FM   103.9 MHz  White Plains

WALL-AM  1340 KHz Middletown               WCBS-TV  Ch. 2          New York

WLNA-AM  1420 KHz Peekskill                    WNBC-TV  Ch. 4          New York

                                                                                      WNYW-TV Ch. 5          New York

News-12 Ch 12 Cable                                        WABC-TV  Ch. 7          New York


If you need additional information, contact:
Westchester County Office of Emergency Management

New York State Disaster Preparedness Commission