C.U.E. (Cortlandt Upper Teen Entertainment Center)

This program is offered to all high school students who attend Croton, Hendrick Hudson, and Lakeland schools, or anyone who is a town resident.   Join us on Friday and Saturday evenings at the Town Center.  The location is in the Cortlandt Town Center (In the rear of the building by the movie theater.)  It is open from 7:30 PM until 11:30 PM; admission is free.

Click here for more information about the Game Cafe at the CUE.

  1. Rental is available to Town of Cortlandt residents and Town of Cortlandt groups only.
  2. Applicants must send in a letter of request and sign a contract for rental.  Request must be made in writing to Cortlandt Recreation Division, Dept. of Environmental Services.
  3. Rentals will not interfere in any way with Town of Cortlandt programs.
  4. All Town of Cortlandt programs will receive first priority.
  5. Rental fees are as follows:
    1. Non-profit organizations - $25.00
      • Plus any set-up, clean up (OT rates) and damage costs
    2. Residents (for private use rental) - $150.00
      • Plus any set-up, clean up (OT rates) and damage costs
    3. Profit making organizations - $250.00
      • Plus any set-up, clean up (OT rates) and damage costs
    4. Damage deposit by all groups - $300.00 cash
    5. Damage/replacement costs:
      • Chair - $19.00 each
      • Table - $204.00 each
      • Chair dolly - $195.00 each
      • Table dolly - $199.00 each
      • Hangers – $40.00 (12)
      • Damage to room – actual cost of contractor repair (time and materials)
      • Lost keys – $141.00 per set issued
      • Trash Container - $76.00 each
      • Garbage removal - $20.00/bag
      • Clock - $40.00 each
      • Tack board - $70.00 each
      • Utility cart - $210.00 each
      • Window blinds – n/a
    6. Clean-up – billed at current OT rate (2 hour minimum at double time)
    7. o.  Set-up – billed at actual costs whether OT rate or straight time
  6. All room use including set-up and breakdown must take place between the hours of 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM.
  7. No Smoking allowed in the facility.
  8. No Alcoholic beverages allowed at any time or other illegal substances.
  9. No vehicles are allowed on the sidewalks at any time.
  10. No cooking allowed on premises (hot trays/caterers are permissible).  On site clean up for catering is not possible.
  11. Based on the event, a Town maintenance staff may be required to be on site, cost to be paid for by the rental group.
  12. All garbage is to be removed from the room and taken off site; Cortlandt Town Center dumpsters may not be used for garbage removal purposes.
  13. Groups are responsible for the cleanup of the room after use; room is to be left as found, debris swept/mopped, Town equipment returned to storage.
  14. Keys are to be picked up and returned at the Recreation office at Town Hall,  (Mon. – Fri., 9-3:30).  Keys are to be returned by 3:30 PM on the first day of business following rental.
  15. Town officials will be allowed access during rental if requested.
  16. Deposit will only be returned after the room is inspected.  Inspection will take place as soon as possible after rental during normal working hours.
  17. Clean up of the room must be completed on the day of the rental unless prior arrangements are made through the Recreation Office.  An additional daily rental fee will be required if clean up continues past 9 AM the following day. 
  18. Tables and chairs are to be folded and placed on their storage racks.
  19. Rental groups may not store supplies/equipment at the Community room.

Please contact Colleen Anderson at colleen@townofcortlandt.com or 914-734-1052 for rental inquiries and with any questions or concerns.