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To protect and enhance the quality of life of our residents and the unique environment of our area by establishing programs and policies which integrate sustainability into Town governance and planning, at the same time we want to  encourage and enable Town residents and businesses to adopt sustainable practices.

A message from Supervisor Linda Puglisi to the Cortlandt Community:

Sustainability is the promise to our children and grandchildren that they will inherit a tomorrow that is at least as good as today and hopefully better. Achieving this promise will call for the participation of each and every one of us. Our Town has a long-standing record of environmental stewardship exemplified by our leadership in protecting open space, natural resources, and smart growth practices.  The Town Board and I are fully committed to this important effort and we look forward to your participation in becoming a sustainable community.



We are a motivated group of employees who have volunteered to learn, measure and implement environmental improvements in Town operations. We look forward to sharing with you our best practices as our Town teams up to Keep Cortlandt Green!

Established in June 2009, the Green Team has worked on many projects to create awareness, engage staff, and make positive changes that will help the Town of Cortlandt on it's mission of sustainability.

Cortlandt is Certified Climate Smart Community