After School Lottery 2020-2021 

The Youth Center will be open on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday for youth after school. Since there are limited spaces available we will be filling the spaces using a lottery system. See rules, policies and deadlines below. 

Please note: In order to come to the YC youth must be registered members of the YC. Also, the YC is open on a first come first serve basis on Wednesdays, Friday Nights & Saturdays. To register your child as a YC member and/or for these days click here; search by keyword "Youth Center Registration" and/or "YC".

This is how it works: 

Lottery Rules 
  1. Youth must currently be a registered participant of the Youth Center. 
  2. Youth must have a way to be transported from their school or home (for 100% virtual learners) to the Youth Center.
  3. Youth who attend Blue Mountain Middle School must be registered with the transportation department to get a bus pass for their child. (Ask us for a form.)
  4. Youth will be chosen by lottery system monthly (only have to register once). 
  5. Siblings will be kept together. 
  6. If your child does not get pulled the first month they automatically get it for the next month. 
  7. If your child does not use this service more than 2 days (for non-medical reasons) during the month they will lose their spot in the next lottery.
  8. If your child constantly does not come you will lose your spot in the entire lottery system.
  9. If your child can not come due to mandatory quarantine, please notify us so we can have another child take their place and in turn save your child’s spot in the lottery system. 
  10. If your child no longer needs this service please notify us so another family’s needs, can be met. 
Lottery Procedures
  1. To enter the lottery, please complete our lottery survey; click here
  2. Only one entry per family is needed. If your needs change please fill out a new form. 
  3. Lottery Results: We will email all of the families individually to notify them whether or not they got into this month’s lottery. We hope to send this notification email no later than one week after the lottery survey is due. 
Lottery Submission Due Dates
  1. March’s survey is due by Sunday, February 14
  2. April's survey is due by Sunday, March 14
  3. May's survey is due by Sunday, April 11
  4. June's survey is due by Sunday, May 16 
  5. We understand planning is important to YOU, it is important to US! Please take these dates seriously. 

If you have any questions please call the Youth Center at 914-736-0498 or email Katherine or Lindsey at /

Thank you for your understanding during these uncharted times. The YC is doing its best to provide for as many of our families as possible in the safest way possible.