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March 29, 2017
11:07 AM

Code Enforcement ( Building) Division  
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    Code Enforcement (Building) Applications
Here you will find all downloadable applications for our Code Enforcement (aka Building) Division including building permits.
          Application for Solar Permit
          Climate Geographic Design Criteria
          alarm permit
          Building Permit Application
You can download and print a PDF of the Town of Cortlandt Building Permit Application and Instructions. However, you MUST bring this completed permit application to Town Hall and meet with the Code Enforcement Division Staff when submitting a building permit application. Please call (914) 734-1010 for questions. Please NOTE: All single family and two family building applications are required to schedule a "pre- application" meeting with the Town of Cortlandt staff before filing for a Building Permit. Please call 734-1010 to schedule a pre-application meeting.
          Demolition Checklist
This checklist is required for any demolition permits in the Town.
          Electrical permit
Please note as of July 2009 NYS Board of Fire Underwriters will not be accepting new applications. In addition, October 2009 they will be going out of business.
          Escrow Agreement
This agreement is required to ensure that proper ground cover is in place after a building permit is issued. The sum to accompany the escrow agreement is $1,000. Said money to be held in Trust & Agency Account until such time as the Department of Technical Services is satisfied that the ground cover in connection with a building permit issed.
          Gas Piping Certification
          Generator Permit Application Packet
          Licensed Plumber’s Certification
This form is necessary for any building permit application that involves plumbing work. Please remember to print the "building permit application" and the "building permit information".
          Prior to Zoning Letters
This document explains the requirements of the Code Enforcement Division of the Department of Technical Services when issuing "Prior to Zoning Letters".
          Proxy Statement
          Retroactive Building Permit Info Sheet
This is information regarding application for a Retroactive Building Permit (Legalize existing construction). Please remember to print "building permit application" as well.
          revised building permit appl
This form shall be submitted with plans for revised drawings for changes made to an approved Building Permit.
          Supporting Deposition
          Tree Removal Checklist
          Zoning Board of Appeals Application
This is the application form for bringing a case before the Zoning Board of Appeals. Applicants are strongly encouraged to call 734-1010 prior to submission of this application.
          Zoning Board of Appeals Information Sheet
This document is the information sheet for any application before the Zoning Board of Appeals. Please note that you must meet with a Zoning Official prior to submission. Please contact Ken Hoch at 734-1010 for more details.

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