Originally the Van Cortlandville School, the Cortlandt Town Hall was bought by the Town of Cortlandt in the fall of 1990.  Located at 1 Heady Street the property includes the main hall, a newly redesigned courtyard and a ball field.  The Cortlandt Town Hall hosts monthly Town Board Meetings, where residents can inquire and acquire knowledge regarding their Town.  The Town of Cortlandt Recreation Division's office can also be found at the Cortlandt Town Hall.  For information regarding in person registration and purchasing Photo ID Cards, please contact the Town of Cortlandt Recreation DivisionOn the grounds, a 60 foot baseball diamond is enjoyed by members of the Cortlandt American Little League. A wooden scoreboard enhances the field's nostalgic charm.

Directions to the Cortlandt Town Hall

      Town of Cortlandt Town Hall located at 1 Heady Street       

      Ball Field located at 1 Heady Street