The oldest elementary school in Lakeland Central School District, originally built with only nine rooms in 1935, Van Cortlandville Elementary School now houses over six hundred students.  Across from the Cortlandt Town Center on Route 6, the school now consists of two gymnasiums.  Both indoor basketball courts are used by the Cortlandt Youth Basketball League during their regular season.  Boys and girls grades 1 through 9 can enjoy the sport while learning skills and sportsmanship.

The Town of Cortlandt continues to promote good sportsmanship with a summer Lacrosse League.  This organized league consists of ten high school lacrosse teams from Westchester and Putnam Counties who practice and compete together.  Practices are held throughout the summer on the various fields and the track at Van Cortlandville. 


During the week the Square Dance Club meets at the elementary school.  Classes for this fun style of dance are also available.  For further information regarding Van Cortlandville Elementary School, please visit the schools website and for information regarding activities and programs hosted at the school, please contact the Town of Cortlandt Recreation Division.

Directions to Van Cortlandville Elementary School

      Van Cort Elementary School Playground       

      Van Cort Elementary School Gym

      Van Cort Elementary School Field