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May 24, 2016
5:29 PM

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Code Enforcement ( Building) Division
    Code Enforcement (Building) Applications
Here you will find all downloadable applications for our Code Enforcement (aka Building) Division including building permits.
          Application for Solar Permit
          alarm permit
          Building Permit Application
You can download and print a PDF of the Town of Cortlandt Building Permit Application and Instructions. However, you MUST bring this completed permit application to Town Hall and meet with the Code Enforcement Division Staff when submitting a building permit application. Please call (914) 734-1010 for questions. Please NOTE: All single family and two family building applications are required to schedule a "pre- application" meeting with the Town of Cortlandt staff before filing for a Building Permit. Please call 734-1010 to schedule a pre-application meeting.
          Buildings Addition & Alteration Checklist
Print this out with any building permit for any addition or alteration to a building.
          Deck Permit Checklist
This document is the list of itmes to be submitted along with the Building Permit Application for any residential deck permit.
          Demolition Checklist
This checklist is required for any demolition permits in the Town.
          Electrical permit
Please note as of July 2009 NYS Board of Fire Underwriters will not be accepting new applications. In addition, October 2009 they will be going out of business.
          Escrow Agreement
This agreement is required to ensure that proper ground cover is in place after a building permit is issued. The sum to accompany the escrow agreement is $1,000. Said money to be held in Trust & Agency Account until such time as the Department of Technical Services is satisfied that the ground cover in connection with a building permit issed.
          Finished Basement Permit Checklist
This checklist is required for any finished basement application. Please remember to print the "building permit application" and the "building permit info sheet" as well.
          Gas Piping Certification
          Generator Permit Application Packet
          Licensed Plumber’s Certification
This form is necessary for any building permit application that involves plumbing work. Please remember to print the "building permit application" and the "building permit information".
          Non 1 and 2 Family Building Permit Checklist
This checklist is for all commercial, business, education, factory etc. construction. Please remember to print "building permit application" and "building permit info" as well.
          Pool Checklist
          Prior to Zoning Letters
This document explains the requirements of the Code Enforcement Division of the Department of Technical Services when issuing "Prior to Zoning Letters".
          Proxy Statement
          Residential Addition and Alterations Building Permit Checklist
This is the checklist that needs to be printed with any building permit application for additions and alterations to existing structures. Please remember to print the "building permit application" as well.
          Retroactive Building Permit Info Sheet
This is information regarding application for a Retroactive Building Permit (Legalize existing construction). Please remember to print "building permit application" as well.
          revised building permit appl
This form shall be submitted with plans for revised drawings for changes made to an approved Building Permit.
          Supporting Deposition
          Tree Removal Checklist
          Zoning Board of Appeals Application
This is the application form for bringing a case before the Zoning Board of Appeals. Applicants are strongly encouraged to call 734-1010 prior to submission of this application.
          Zoning Board of Appeals Information Sheet
This document is the information sheet for any application before the Zoning Board of Appeals. Please note that you must meet with a Zoning Official prior to submission. Please contact Ken Hoch at 734-1010 for more details.
          2008 Budget
          2010 Budget
          2011 Budget
Cortlandt Community Coalition
    Community Coalition
          Mike Nerney flyer
Highway Division
    Highway Forms
Road Opening Forms from our Highway Division
          Road Opening Permit Application
Use this form for Road Opening Permits - Application should be submitted to the Department of Environmental Services located at 167 Roa Hook Road. Please contact 737-0100 for more information.
Homeland Security
    Emergency Planning Guide
          Westchester Booklet
          Westchester MAP
    Homeland Security
          Citizen's Guide
          Westchester EPZ
Westchester County Emergency Planning & Evacuation Map
Office of the Aging
    Office of the Aging
          Senior Snow Removal Application
          Student Snow Removal Application
Planning Division
    2004 Master Plan
Please NOTE the 2016 Master Plan is the most updated plan and is available via separate link under Planning Division. The following are PDF documents to each chapter within the Master Plan. The entire Mater Plan is also available to download in this section.
          2003 Conceptual Land Use Map & Preliminary Open Space Map (2.46 MB)
          Background & Public Participation (178 KB)
          Chapter 1: Land Use: Open Space, Rec. & Community Facilities (573 KB)
          Chapter 10: Addendum: Biodiversity in Cortlandt (129 KB)
Additional Content to Follow
          Chapter 2: Land Use: Residential (347 KB)
          Chapter 3: Land Use: Commercial/Industrial (364 KB)
          Chapter 4: Natural Resources (640 KB)
          Chapter 5: Traffic and Transportation (387 KB)
          Chapter 6: Utilities (339 KB)
          Chapter 7: Local Services (417 KB)
          Chapter 8: Visual Quality & Community Appearance (522 KB)
          Chapter 9: Historic Preservation (2.08 MB)
          Executive Summary (153 KB)
          Master Plan (5.93 MB)
Entire Master Plan
          Purpose and Need (100 KB)
          Tables & Figures
Content to Follow
          Title Page (133 KB)
    Gateway Park
Gateway park brochure, trail map, and ecological analysis.
          2004 Gateway Report
          Ecological Analysis of Hudson Highlands Gateway Park
          Gateway Brochure
          Gateway Trail Map
          Draft Land Use Map
          Draft Sewer Master Plan
          Master Plan Draft Regional Study Area Map
    Open Space
          Open Space Report
    Planning Applications
          Biodiversity Guidelines
These are the Biodiversity Guidelines for the Town of Cortlandt.
          Planning Board Applications
    Planning Dept
          Verplanck Waterfront Master Plan
          Historical Roads Study
          Sign Design Manual
Recreation & Conservation Department
    Recreation Brochure & Forms
          2016 Summer Recreation Program Brochure
          2016 Winter/Spring Recreation Program Brochure
The 2016 Winter Spring Recreation Program Brochure has a printer error on the cover it reads only Winter - Recreation Program Brochure. All of the winter and Spring programs and activities are in this brochure. The Day Camp and Swim Facility and Instruction will be in the Summer Brochure which will be out the second week of April.
          Adviosry Board Members 2015
          Birthday Party Flyer
          Canteen Flyer
          Elementary School Open House at the Youth Center
          Extended Hours at the Youth Center
          Middle School Open House at the Youth Center
          Town of Cortlandt Community Boat Launch Rules & Regulations
          Adult Activty & Pre-School/Youth Activity Registration
          Adult Pre School Youth Registration Forms
          Cortlandt Roller Hockey Rink
          Dog Park Application
          Dog Park Rules & Regulations
          Employee Job Application for Recreation & Conservation Dept.
          Hollowbrook Golf Course
          Recreation - Refund Policy
    Recreation League Schedules
          2016 Men's Softball League Makeup Schedule
          2016 Men's Softball League Standings
          Mens Softball Standings thru May 20
Sanitation Division
          DES Residential Special Services Request Form
Various forms including the annual report
          2011 Annual Report
          2009 Annual Report
Cortlandt's 2009 Annual Report
          2010 Annual Report
2010 Annual Report
          SWMP Appendix A Map
          SWMP Appendix B
          SWMP Appendix C Various MM6
Town Clerk
    Town Clerks Forms
          Dog License Application
This application can be filled out and either Mailed or dropped off at the Town Clerk's office. More information 914-734-1020
          FOIL Request
This document can be filled out and either emailed, regularly mailed or dropped off in person at the Town Clerks' office. Contact 914-734-1020 for more information.
          Handicapped Parking Permit
This application MUST be dropped off at the Town Clerk's office along with the appropriate supporting documentation at 1 Heady Street, Cortlandt Manor, NY. More information (914) 734-1020
          Marriage License Worksheet
Please note this document can be printed at home BUT MUST BE DELIVERED IN PERSON to the Town Clerk's office 1 Heady St. Cortlandt Manor. More information (914) 734-1020
          Parade Permit Application
This can either be mailed or dropped off at the Town Clerk's office, 1 Heady St,Cortlandt Manor NY. More information (914) 734-1020
Town Supervisor
    VA Form Letter
          VA Form Letter (PDF)
          VA Form Letter (Word Document)
Water & Sewer Division
    Sewer Forms
This is the location for all Sewer forms including application, specification details and pavement replacement detail. NOTE: No work will be authorized to commence UNTIL an application has been made to our DES-Highway Division for a "Road Opening Permit". The approved "Road Opening Permit" MUST accompany any sewer application.
          Sewer Application Form
Use this form when applying for Sewer Service for RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL uses. The following forms must also be printed with this form: A. Sewer Information Sheet - Page 1 B. Sewer Information Sheet - Page 2 C. Sewer Service Connection Detail D. Sewer Service Trench Detail E. Sewer Service Cleanout Detail F. Pavement Replacement Detail
          Sewer Application Information 2nd Page
This Page 2 of Information must be printed to accompany Sewer Application Form
          Sewer Application Information Page 1
Must be printed to accompany Sewer Application Form.
          Sewer Pavement Restoration Detail
This drawing shows the requirements for pavement restoration after sewer service has been installed. IMPORTANT: Applicants MUST provide a copy of the Town of Cortlandt DES - Highway Division approved "Road Opening Permit" before any work to restore pavement can commence.
          Sewer Service Cleanout Detail
Drawing showing sewer service cleanout detail. PLEASE NOTE: Only specicified GPK fittings will be accepted - no substitutes. Please print this form with sewer service application form. Questions - contact Steve Ferreira at 734-1026.
          Sewer Service Connection Detail
Sewer connection detail drawing. Please print out with Sewer Service application form. Questions - contact Steve Ferreira at 734-1026.
          Sewer Service Trench Detail
Drawing showing sewer service trench detail. Please print this out with sewer service application. Questions - contact Steve Ferreira at 734-1026.
    Water Forms
All forms for Water Service, Water Main Extensions and associated informational data. Please NOTE: An applicant MAY BE required to first obtain a "Road Opening Permit" from DES-Highway. Please contact Steve Ferreira at 734-1026 for more information.
          Application for Residential Water Service
Use this application when applying for RESIDENTIAL water service. Application must be submitted to Town of Cortlandt Dept. of Environmental Services - Water Division - 167 Roa Hook Road, Cortlandt Manor, NY. Fee MUST accompany application. Please NOTE: User must also print out "Water Tap Specifications". If your home is over 100 feet off the road, you will also need to print "Meter Pit Specifications". If you have questions, contact Steve Ferreira at 734-1026
          Water Meter Pit Detail
If your home is more than 100 feet off the Town road, then you must print this form to accompany the Water Service Application. Any questions, contact Steve Ferreira at 734-1026.
          Water Tap Specifications
This form MUST be printed with the Water Service Application form. Any Questions please contact Steve Ferreira at 734-1026.

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