The 2016 Master Plan 

Hard copies of appendices are available for view in the Town Clerk's office

Town of Cortlandt Master Plan Committee
Linda Puglisi, Chairperson
James Creighton, Esq.
David Douglas, Esq.
Michael Flemming, Esq.
Seth Freach
Dani Glaser
Barbara Halecki
Adrian Hunte, Esq.
Michael Huvane
Theresa Knickerbocker
Maria Slippen

Ed Vergano, P.E.,
Chris Kehoe, AICP
Rosemary Boyle Lasher
Thomas F. Wood, Esq.

AKRF Consultants

Michelle Robbins, AICP
Anthony Russo

2016 Masterplan Overview Video April 24, 2015

All MPC meetings / Minutes from May, 2014 to Current are available here