Department of Technical Services (DOTS): Engineering

The Engineering Division is primarily responsible for the design, construction and administration of Capital Projects within the Town of Cortlandt.  In addition engineering staff review land use development applications, residential and commercial building permit applications to ensure compliance with state, federal and local environmental ordinances such as storm water control, topographical alteration (fill), tree removal and wetlands.  

Staff Contacts

Michael Preziosi, P.E.
Director Dept. of Technical Services 

Arthur D’Angelo, Jr., P.E
Deputy Director, Engineering Division 

Catherine Brosnan, EIT, ENV SP, Engineering Tech
Assistant Engineer 

Lisa Walsh
Senior Office Assistant / Office Manager 

Town Hall Office #2 
1 Heady Street
Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567

Main Line 914-734-1060

Other Services

  • Provide technical advice to various boards and committees.  
  • Preparation of bid estimates, contract documents and permits for capital improvement projects. 
  • Design, oversight and technical assistance on in-house public work projects. 
  • Review of building permit applications for site development and environmental ordinances. 
    • Single family residential homes
    • In-ground pools and spas
    • Retaining walls
    • Driveways and curb cuts
  • Administer environmental permits for the Town.  
    • Trees, wetlands, steep slopes, and topographical alterations.
  • Maintains records of past capital projects, sewers, property surveys.
  • Assist in the review and administration of water and sanitary sewer permits with DES – Water. 
  • Review backflow and cross connection control permits on behalf of DES – Water.
  • Administers Town of Cortlandt Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance (NFIP)

Useful Links

Code Enforcement Division

Town of Cortlandt Online Permitting System.  File Permits here.  

Westchester County Septic and Sewer Connection Program  
Links to Westchester County providing a list of septic and sanitary haulers, guidance and other useful information related to management of onsite septic systems.  

Backflow and Cross Connection Program 
Links to Westchester County providing guidance and formwork for backflow control in accordance with the NYSDOH.  

Flood Insurance Maps (FEMA)
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Administration.  Links to FEMA Flood Map Service Center.  Copies of FEMA maps are available for viewing in the Engineering Division.  If you have questions about flood insurance, call your local, licensed casualty or property insurance agent, call the National Flood Insurance Hotline at 1-877-336-2627.  Did you know, Westchester County requires disclosure of flood requirements to tenants by providing a Flood History Disclosure Form.  

NYSDEC Chemical and Pollution Control
Links to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Website.