To access the Town of Cortlandt Property Cards/ GIS information click here.

The Town's GIS system contains digital map data of the Town of CortlandtNew York.  There are two Villages in the Town of Cortlandt – The Village of Buchanan and the Village of  Croton-on-Hudson.  There is some limited GIS data available for the two villages through our GIS site. 
If you desire more information about the ownership of a parcel please contact our Assessor's office at (914) 734-1040.    

To confirm Zoning on a particular site in the Town outside the Villages:  Please contact the DOTS Code Enforcement Division at (914) 734-1010. 

If you have a specific question about GIS please email us at GISINFO@TOWNOFCORTLANDT.COM 

To Print Maps from Cortlandt's GIS:  Turn off Pop Up Blocker Software: If you plan to print maps from home you will need to turn off any “Pop Up Blocker” software you may be using. To Print a map you must have  ADOBE READER.

Westchester County GIS 

If you would like further GIS information - Westchester County offers additional information through their Geographic Information System: 

To access the Westchester County GIS system: WESTCHESTER COUNTY GIS

Prior to clicking the links above  you should be aware of the following: The Town of Cortlandt's GIS system will have tools that Westchester County's GIS system does not and vice - versa.  You may want to visit both sites.