The Town of Cortlandt acquired and saved the 100 year old Furnace Dock Lake in 2011. It is now part of the Town’s parkland and inventory.

Furnace Dock Lake Rules and Regulations:

  • For a safe and enjoyable park experience please obey the following rules:
  • All activities at your own risk
  • Park is open dawn to dusk
  • Keep pets leashed, clean up after them as well
  • All garbage is to be taken out of the park
  • Do not remove or destroy plants, wildlife, or artifacts

The following is prohibited:

  • Hunting, firearms, alcohol, and camping
  • Motorized vehicles and mountain bikes
  • Fires, smoking, swimming,  and dumping 
  • Feeding wildlife, metal detectors, and radios 
  • Fireworks, music, and loud noise