What is Voyent Alert? 

Voyent Alert! is a multi-purpose communication service provided by the Town of Cortlandt to keep you infomred of critical events like fires or floods as well as day-to-day communications such as road maintenaince and closures, water advisories, etc.

What You Can Expect:

Personalized Communications: Voyent Alert! provides informative communications. Critical information such as the distance and direction from an incident, and preferred evacuation routes from your followed locations may be provided.

Follow Multiple Locations: Voyent Alert! allows you to create and follow multiple locations such as “Kids School” or “Mom’s House”. Any event or communication related to your followed locations will be forwarded to you along your preferred communication channel.

Communications Your Way: Receive alerts over a wide variety of communication channels including mobile apps, text/SMS alerting, email or voice dial. You can register for one or more communication channels.

No Message Fatigue: Smart alerting capabilities ensure that you will only get notified when a communication is relevant to your or one of the locations you are following.

Easy Registration: Registration for the service is FREE, simple and anonymous.


Click here to register TODAY or register through Google Play or the App Store!