Greening the Fleet– The DES Highway and Sanitation fleet mechanics have investigated the application of green oil filters to extend the mileage between oil changes and extended the life of the oil, and continues to research bio-fuels and consideration of development of a green fleet replacement program when various heavy duty vehicles are approaching their useful life year of service.  The Town currently owns and operates four hybrid vehicles and is exploring this as an option each time a sedan vehicle is needed to replace a gas guzzling “clunker”. We have also purchased a fully electric Nissan Leaf, which is utilized by our Purchasing and Code Enforcement Divisions.

Water Conservation– The role of this group is to determine current water consumption in Town government operations and to recommend strategies to conserve water by reducing water flow, fixing leaks, updating fixtures and practicing conservation.  

Green Purchasing– A green procurement policy is in effect with the intention of preventing pollution and waste when purchasing products for Town government.  Green cleaning products, biodegradable kitchenware, recyclable toner cartridges and recycled paper products are already in use.  Awareness of the Town’s intention to be green has lead to the drastic reduction in paper usage across the board.  Green purchasing is also the responsibility of the departments where purchasing recommendations are made relevant to their area of expertise such as MicroGreen oil filters for town vehicles.

Closet Project– In an effort to eliminate disposable kitchenware and save money on the purchase of these items, an area was created for staff to wash dishes, cups and utensils brought from home.  At minimal cost, the green team cleaned and redecorated a utility closet with fresh paint, flooring and a new faucet for this purpose.  The leaky water faucet was replaced which will save 700 gallons of water per year.