Next to the Cortlandt Train Station off Route 9A in Montrose and the Cortlandt Youth Center, the Cortlandt Roller Hockey Rink offers roller blading and roller hockey for children and adults.  The Town fondly created a memorial at the rink in dedication of Joan Welch, celebrating her life and love for roller skating.  

Skate at your own risk.
For your protection, please observe the following rules:

  • Skaters must wear proper safety equipment:
    • Helmets, rubber wheeled skates, elbow pads, kneepads & wrist guards.
  • Roller hockey activities require a caged helmet, shoulder pads, shin guards, gloves and mouth guard.
  • Helmets with face mask/cage must be worn at all times for roller hockey including on player benches.
  • Skaters must provide their own equipment.
  • Only in-line skaters are permitted in rink.
  • No bicycles, skateboards, scooters, radio controlled toys, food or spectators permitted inside rink.
  • Graffiti, vandalism, and the use of profanity, tobacco, and alcohol, drugs or glass containers are prohibited.
  • Please deposit all trash in containers.
  • Rink hours are 9 AM to dusk.
  • No skating when surface is wet.  
  • No trespassing after rink hours or when locked.
  • Use of rink is by permit from Cortlandt Recreation Division only.
  • Skate rink is open to Town Residents only.
  • The Town of Cortlandt is not liable for any accident or injury to persons or property resulting from the use of this skate rink.
  • Please be considerate of fellow skaters especially those who are younger or less skilled.  Serious injury may result from colliding with other participants.
  • Please be considerate of surrounding neighbors.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Directions to Cortlandt Roller Hockey Rink

From the South

Take Route 9 North to the Montrose Ave. exit,  Make a left at the light.  Go North on 9A approximately 1/3 mile on your 3rd light.  At the 3rd traffic light make a right onto Memorial Drive.  Rink will be directly after State Troopers barracks on your right.

From the North

Take Route 9 South to Welcher Avenue exit.  Stay straight through 5 traffic lights.  At your 6th traffic light make a left onto Memorial Drive.  Rink will be directly after State Troopers barracks on your right.