The Cortlandt Dog Park is located on Sprout Brook Road between the Soccer and Softball Fields.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Dog Park closes at dusk daily.
  2. No animals other than dogs may be brought into the fenced area.
  3. All dogs must be leashed until safely inside the dog park and returned to a leash prior to exiting.  Make sure gates are closed after entering and leaving the park.
  4. Do not leave a leash on dogs in the park. Bring your leash into the park in case of emergency or altercation.
  5. Dog owners must remain in the fenced area while their dogs are using the dog park. Owners must be in view of their dogs and have voice control at all times.
  6. Children accompanying dog owners must be strictly supervised and at least 12 years old to be allowed inside unless accompanied by an adult.
  7. Children under 10 years old not allowed in large dog area. (Some dogs see children as prey)
  8. Children under 5 years old not allowed in the park at all.
  9. Spectators should remain outside the fenced area.
  10. Aggressive dogs and dogs in heat are not allowed.
  11. Owners must immediately leash and remove dogs from the dog park at the first sign of aggressive behavior.
  12. Please be courteous to others do not bring sick dogs to the park.
  13. Owners must dispose of waste properly in the designated on-site containers. Owners must prevent dogs from digging holes.
  14. While small bite-sized training treats are permitted, foods in bowls, long-lasting chews, or glass containers are not allowed. 
  15. Owner must provide own drinking bowl for dog.
  16. No Smoking and no food are allowed inside of the dog park.
  17. No more than three (3) dogs per person are allowed on any single visit.
  18. Puppies less than four (4) months old are not permitted in the park.
  19. Dogs must licensed and vaccinated for rabies and DHLPP. Current license and rabies tags must be worn on the dog’s collar at all times.
  20. Owners are liable for any injury or damage caused by their dog and are fully responsible for their dog’s actions.
  21. Trainers are not allowed to use the park to conduct business.
  22. Any incident, problem etc. should be reported to Cortlandt Recreation and Parks 734-1050. Office is open Monday thru Friday 8:30 to 4pm.
  23. In the event of an emergency call 911.

I Understand That: Permission from the Town to use the Dog Park is conditional on compliance with the above dog park rules.

I Also Understand and Agree That: The dog park is to provide a fenced-in area where dog owners may bring their dogs and permit them to run freely with other dogs, and that unleashing my dog(s) and being present in an area where there are other people, including children, and other unleashed dogs, poses risks to others and myself and to my dogs(s) and the dogs and property of dogs, and I do hereby agree to assume such risks.

I Further Agree To: Release, discharge, hold harmless and indemnify the Town of Cortlandt and all of it’s officials, agents, officers, employees and representatives from liability for any and all claims for injuries, damages and/or losses whatsoever to any person or animal (including but not limited to disability and death) or property which may arise out of, result from or be associated with the use of or presence on the dog park by myself and/or my dogs(s). 

CLICK HERE for the Town of Cortlandt Dog Park Registration Form.