The 5th Grade Fun Club Program allows 5th grade youth in the Town of Cortlandt to participate in a safe and structured environment after The 5th Grade Fun Club Program allows 5th grade youth in the Hendrick Hudson School District (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays) and 5th grade youth who are Town of Cortlandt residents in the Croton Harmon School District, Lakeland/ Panas Central School District, homeschooled children, etc. (Mondays- NO BUSSING TO THE YC) to participate in a safe and structured environment after school while challenging themselves with a variety of games, activities and special projects. During this time, youth get acclimated to the Town of Cortlandt Youth Center and everything the facility has to offer including but not limited to: indoor game tables, homework room & help if needed, art room, outdoor activities and LifeSkills lessons. Participants are bused on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from Furnace Woods Elementary School by the HHSD to the YC. It is the Parent’s responsibility to pick-up their child by 5:00 PM.

*Pre-registration is required by . To register go online to: and search by keywords. 

  • You must register your child for this program prior to sending them. You can only register for one day per week.
  • Registration is first come, first serve. 
  • Youth can only attend on the specific day you register them for. There is no switching days.
  • If your child is being picked up by someone other than a parent or guardian please send them with a note or call the YC the day of Fun Club. 
  • There are vending machines for snacks and drinks. The machines take one and five dollar bills as well as quarters. The staff does NOT have change.
  • Your child may bring their own snack to Fun Club.
  • The YC is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any personal belongings brought to or left at the center during the program. No Fun Club when school is closed, has an early dismissal or during 5th grade overnight trip. On Friday, May 10 there will be a Luau themed BBQ for all 5th Grade Graduates. 
  • Youth will be able to participate in the YC’s regularly scheduled programming as “6th graders” starting June 25th.

Location: Youth Center
Time: School Dismissal- 5:00 PM 
Fee: Free
Age: 5th Graders in the Town of Cortlandt
More Info: Contact Lindsey at or 914-736-0498.

Hendrick Hudson School District: 
Bus provided from Furnace Woods to the Cortlandt Youth Center. Parents are responsible for PICK UP. 
Day: Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays
Dates: February 6- May 9 

Croton, Lakeland/Panas, Homeschool, other: 
NO BUS PROVIDED. Parents are responsible for PICK UP & DROP OFF. 
Day: Mondays
Dates: February 5- May 6