The Downtown Revitalization Initiative or DRI is a New York state-funded grant that gives communities between $10 and $20 million dollars to bring life to their downtowns. The DRI is a cornerstone of the State's economic development program. In its fifth year, the DRI will invest $200 million in up to 20 downtowns statewide. Eligible communities can submit an application for a DRI grant. The state’s ten Regional Economic Development Councils (REDCs) then select a winner based on the potential of the community’s downtown for transformation. Within each region, the REDC will nominate either two downtowns to receive $10 million each or one downtown to receive an award of $20 million to develop a downtown strategic investment plan and implement key catalytic projects that advance the community’s vision for revitalization.

The Town of Cortlandt submitted a DRI grant application on 9/23/22.  To help prepare the DRI application, the Town Board established a DRI committee comprised of Cortlandt residents, business owners, Town Board members and Town Staff. In addition, the Town Board retained KG&D Architects to provide professional planning and architecture services in support of the application.  The DRI Committee includes the following members:

  • Dr. Richard Becker, Town Supervisor
  • Frank Farrell, Town Board Member
  • Chris Kehoe, Director of Planning
  • Rosemary Boyle Lasher, Assistant Director of Planning
  • Michelle Robbins, Assistant Planner
  • George Oros, Economic Development Consultant
  • Jill Davis
  • Adam MacNeil
  • Sabrina Pereira
  • Basil Kazepis
  • Tricia Delamater
  • Warren Smith
  • Dominick Saladino
  • Suzanne Grossberg

Potential DRI Projects under consideration

Public Outreach and Committee Meetings

The DRI Committee met four times, please see videos of the meetings below.  In addition, the committee conducted a DRI survey and a public workshop titled Reimagining Montrose & Verplanck as a Twin Hamlet Downtown.

Committee Meeting 3/22/22

The Town held its first DRI Committee Meeting on 3/22/22.  Please see presentation and video below.

DRI Presentation

Committee Meeting 5/24/22

Committee Meeting 7/26/22

7/26/22 Committe Meeting Agenda

August 25, 2022 DRI Public Outreach Meeting PowerPoint

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