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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Department: Recreation & Conservation

  • Recreation- Adult Softball League
  • Recreation- Camp
    • When does registration for Summer Camp begin?

      The Summer Brochure/ Planner is available online around the end of March/ early April.  Registration for the Day Camp Programs are on a first-come first-serve basis.  There is a limited enrollment for all three camps.  The application is in back of the summer brochure and can also be completed online through Community Pass Registration Software ( and must be COMPLETED ENTIRELY for the Recreation Department to accept it. 

      It is important to note that the dates of all of your child's immunizations MUST BE WRITTEN IN/ ENTERED ONLINE AS WELL AS the paperwork from your childs physician must be submitted to the Town of Cortlandt Recreation Department via email at

    • How many campers are in the Town Camps?

      Day Camp (Grades K-4th): 225 Campers per a two week session

      5th and 6th Grade Camp: 125 Campers

      7th and 8th Grade Camp: 100 Campers

    • What does a typical day at the Town of Cortlandt Day Camp (Grades K-4th) consist of?

      Campers travel from rotation to rotation, similair to periods in school.  Rotations include activities such as the game room, arts & crafts, sports, drama, nature, etc.

    • What is the ratio of campers to counselors?

      Passive activities are 1:12.  Swimming activities are 1:10; for children under eight years of age it is 1:8; for children under six years of age it is 1:6 as per New York State Sanitary Code.

    • How do you determine if a camper is a swimmer or a non-swimmer?

      The first day of each session a Water Safety Instructor gives all the campers a swimming test. (Swim Test: Camper jumps into the deep end of the pool; swims the width of the pool; stops, floats on their back for 30 seconds; stops treads water for 1 minute; emerge from pool).  Depending on the results they will be given a color bracelet that refers to their swimming ability.  If a camper is designated as a non-swimmer, the camper can only swim in water no deeper than chest level.  There are designated lifeguards for the camp swimmers, along with stationed camp counselors, throughout the swimming area.

      There is a Buddy System that is implemented for all swimmers.  Each camper is assigned a buddy of the same swimming ability.  Every fifteen minutes a horn blows, and all the campers (with their buddy) get out of the water and go to a predetermined location.  At that time attendance is checked to ensure all campers are present.  After all are accounted for, the horn blows and campers return to the water.  This procedure occurs every fifteen minutes during swim time.

    • Are swimming lessons offered in the summer camps?

      Swimming lessons are offered only in the Day Camp (Grades K-4th).  The swimming groups are broken down by grade and then by swimming ability.  Lessons are scheduled everyday for a forty minute period.

    • Do the summer camps close on rainy days?

      No, the camps are a rain or shine program.

    • Does the 5th/6th and 7th/8th Grade Camps go on a trip everyday?

      Our camps are not strictly "Travel Camps".  Generally, the 5th/ 6th Grade Camp and the 7th/ 8th Grade Camp goes on approximately four to five trips per session.  The camp consists of three, two week sessions.

    • What kind of trips do the 5th/6th Grade Camp and the 7th/8th Grade Camps take?

      Trip schedules vary from year to year, however, some that we have taken recently include, Rye Playland, Splashdown, Rockland Boulders, Xtreme Play, Bounce! Trampoline Park, and Spins on Hudson.

    • How are the children supervised on your camp trips?

      Each child is in a group of eight to ten campers and assigned to one or two counselors depending on that particular trip.  No campers are allowed to go on their own.  They are always with a buddy and in sight of a counselor.

    • What qualifications does a Camp Director need to have?

      A bachelor's degree, or at least 21 years of age and at least 6 months of previous experience is required.  A notification from the Department of Social Services State Central Register of Abuse and Maltreatment that the director has not been subject of an investigation report; and the submission of a form entitled Prospective Children's Camp Director Certified Statement Relative to the Conviction of a Crime or the Existence of a Pending Criminal Action, as developed by the Commissioner that the camp director has no criminal conviction record.

    • What is the minimum age for a camp counselor?

      A C.I.T. (Counselor- In- Training) needs to be fourteen years of age by the start of summer camp.

    • Who interviews potential camp counselors?

      The Recreation Supervisor of the respective camps.

    • What first aid qualifications are required for a summer camp?

      A Camp Health Director shall possess: 

      (1)   A current certificate in Responding to Emergencies First Aid issued by the American
             Red Cross.
      (2)   A current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certificate, not exceeding one year in duration, in CPR for the Professional Rescuer.

      For every 200 campers there must be one certified CPR person.  For every 125 campers there must be one certified RTE person.  At the First Aid station located at the pool there is an EMT where all campers in our Day Camp will be taken if first aid is applied or needed, a call will be made to tell the parent/guardian.

    • Do you have an EMT or nurse on the premises?

      The 5th and 6th Grade Camp, 7th and 8th Grade Camp, and Day Play Camp DO NOT have an EMT or a Nurse at their perspective locations.  The Camp Director in each camp is certified in CPR and Responding to Emergencies which is an intense first aid course through the Red Cross.  While the Camps are at Charles Cook Park there is a nurse/EMT on staff at the pool.

    • What is the Playgrounds Free Play Camp?

      This is a FREE drop off and pickup program supervised by paid recreation staff from 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM. The program takes place at the Muriel H. Morabito Community Center Playground and at the Frank G. Lindsey Elementary School Playground. 

      The program offers such activities as arts and crafts, sports and special events. Your child must be dropped off and picked up by an adult 18 years or older. Playground programs will NOT be held on rainy days. If the playground is cancelled at 8:45 AM, the playground will not be re-opened on that day.

      Those interested must register online in advance at

  • Recreation- Charles J. Cook Pool
    • I am a Town of Cortlandt resident. What do I need to visit Charles J. Cook Pool?

      All Town of Cortlandt residents ages 4+ require their own Town of Cortlandt Recreation Photo ID Card in order to visit Charles J. Cook Pool.

      Children ages three and under do not require their own ID Card, and are free to visit Charles J. Cook Pool.

    • What are the daily operating hours of Charles J. Cook Pool?

      Operating hours fluctuate in the beginning of the season when most of our staff is unavailable and still in school, please visit our website for seasonal updates and changes.  Charles J. Cook Pool is open from 10:45 AM- 7:00 PM; 8:00 PM on Friday evenings.

    • How much does it cost to visit Charles J. Cook Pool?

      The daily fees and season pass fees change annually for Charles J. Cook Pool.  Fees will be published for the summer season in the Summer Recreation Brochure/ Planner, which is made available between March and April.

    • Is lap swimming available at Charles J. Cook Pool?

      Yes!  Charles J. Cook Pool hosts a full lenth 25 metre pool that fits eight full lap lanes.  During normal operating hours, four lanes are open at all times, two specifically desginated as adult lap swimming lanes only.  The Town of Cortlandt Recreation Department also offers an "Early Bird" Lap Swim Program, keep an eye out for the Summer Recreation Brochure/ Planner for more information about dates, times, and fees.

    • Do I need to bring my own chairs/ umbrellas to Charles J. Cook Pool?

      Yes, if you would like a chair or guaranteed shade, you would need to provide your own.  Charles J. Cook Pool does offer limited shade with large sun umbrellas that are stabilized in the ground.

    • Can I bring food and drinks to Charles J. Cook Pool?

      Yes!  You can bring your own food and drinks to Charles J. Cook Pool, although, alcohol is NOT allowed within the facility. 

      There are also barbeque grills for public, first-come, first-serve use.

      There is also an onsite snack bar.

    • What floatation devices are allowed at Charles J. Cook Pool and where?

      Only Coast Guard Approved life saving devices may be used as personal flotation devices in designated areas (Frog slide and Mushroom)- please speak to an off duty lifeguard for more information.  Coast Guard Approved life vests are also available for loan at the Pool Office (Town of Cortlandt Recreation Photo ID Card needed for deposit).

      Kickboards are restricted to designated areas (Lap lanes)- please speak to an off duty lifeguard for more information. 

    • Can non-residents visit Charles J. Cook Pool?

      No, non-residents cannot visit Charles J. Cook Pool on their own, however, non-residents that are GUESTS of a Town of Cortlandt resident may visit the pool with the resident family.  A guest fee will be applied to each guest over the age of four years old.

      Town of Cortlant residency includes Cortlandt Manor, Buchanan, Montrose, Croton on Hudson, Verplanck, and SELECT STREETS of Mohegan Lake and Crompond.

    • Can I host my child's birthday party at Charles J. Cook Pool?

      Yes!  You can host your child's birthday party at Charles J. Cook Pool.  All party reservations are taken directly by pool managerial staff onsite.  Please call 914-222-6232 for more information.

    • Are Swim Lessons offered at Charles J. Cook Pool over the summer?

      Yes!  The Town of Cortlandt Recreation Department offers a wide variety of swim lessons for ages 5-16.  Swim Lessons run for three, two- week sessions and are registered for based on skill level.  If you are unsure of what level to register your child for, make your best educated decision, and the child will be moved accordingly on the first day of lessons.

      The Town of Cortlandt Recreation Department also offer swim lessons for ages Six Months- Three Years (Tiny Tot) and ages Three Years- Four Years Old (Pre-School Swim).  These lessons fill up QUICKLY, so please register early.

  • Recreation- Community Pass Online Registration
  • Recreation- General
    • What special events does the Town of Cortlandt host throughout the year?
      Event Name Month Location
      Eaglefest February Cortlandt Waterfront Park
      Senior Academy Awards March Muriel H. Morabito Community Center
      Earth Day Hike April Varies
      Egg Hunt April Cortlandt Youth & Recreation Center
      Concert & Movie Series June- August Cortlandt Waterfront Park
      Senior Picnic August Charles J. Cook Pool
      Family Fun Day September Cortlandt Youth & Recreation Center
      Community Swap September Muriel H. Morabito Community Center
      5K Road Race October Cortlandt Waterfront Park
      Dog Halloween Parade October Sprout Brook Dog Park
      Hobgoblin Parade October Cortlandt Youth & Recreation Center
      Halloween Party October Muriel H. Morabito Community Center
      First Responders Golf Tournament October Hollow Brook Golf Course
      Winter Wonderland December Cortlandt Youth & Recreation Center
      Meet Santa December Cortlandt Youth & Recreation Center
    • When are the Recreation Brochures/ Planners mailed out?

      The Recreation Brochures, now known as the Recreation Planner, are mailed out three times per year to all residents in the Town of Cortlandt (Fall, Winter/Spring, Summer).  The brochures will also be available online at .  You can also browse and register for all programs through Community Pass, our Online Registration Software at

      The Winter/ Spring Planner will be published around the first week of January.

      The Summer Planner, which has information concerning all of the full day Day Camp (Day Camp- Gradess K-4th, and the 5th/ 6th Grade Camp, and the 7th/ 8th Grade Camp) programs as well as our one week camps.  All of the Charles J. Cook Pool information and summer swim lesson information will also be available in this planner.  This planner will be published between the end of March to early April.

      The Fall Planner will be published right after Labor Day.

      The Town of Cortlandt Recreation Department, located in Office #11 of Town of Cortlandt Town Hall, will also have extra copies of our planners.

    • What Sport Leagues do we have in the Town?

      Registration for each League and Travel team is taken the season BEFORE players begin their seasons.

      Youth Leagues
      Basketball League for Boys (Grades 3rd- 12th)
      Basketball League for Girls (Grades 3rd- 7th)
      Lacrosse League for Girls (Grades 1st- 6th)- Spring
      Soccer League for Boys (Grades 1th- 5th)- Fall & Spring
      Soccer League for Girls (Grades 1st - 6th)- Fall & Spring
      Travel Soccer (Ages 10- 15)
      Travel Basketball for Boys (Grades 4th- 8th)
      Travel Basketball for Girls (Grades 4th- 8th)

      Adult Leagues 
      Softball League for Men- Spring, Summer, & Fall

    • Does the Town provide accident insurance?

      The Town of Cortlandt Recreation Department does not provide Accident Insurance.

    • Are there any facilities that the Residents can rent in the Town?

      The Town of Cortlandt Recration Department has a Community Room located in the back of the Cortlandt Town Center which has limited availability for weekdays and weekends.  The space may be rented only to Cortlandt Residents.  There is no smoking or alcohol allowed.  There is also no kitchen, but food is allowed as long as all garbage is removed.  The rates are $25 for a non-profit organization, $150 for residents or private use and $250 for profit making organizations.  A $300 cash deposit is required by all.  Please contact Colleen Anderson in the Recreation Office for more information at or 914-734-1052.

      The Cortlandt Youth and Recreation Center is also available to be rented on Saturdays from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM, for more information, please contact Director of the Youth Center, Lindsey Luposello, at or 914-736-0498.

      The Muriel H. Morabito Community Center may also be rented by residents but not for personal use parties.  Non-profit organizations may rent the facility.  Please call the Muriel H. Morabito  Community Center for more information at 914-528-1464.

    • Can non-residents participate in Town of Cortlandt Recreation Programs?

      If there are roster openings approximately one to two weeks before the beginning of a program, non-residents can register and participate, with an additional 20% surcharge applied to the total fee. 

      We recommend all non residents interested in a particular program to put themselves on the WAITLIST via Community Pass,  Non-residents will be notified via email from Community Pass that they were either released or removed from the waitlist.  Being released from the waitlist requires an individual to log into their Community Pass account and register for the program officially.  Being removed from the waitlist requires only payment be made online, instructions would follow.

      Non-residents ARE NOT PERMITTED to take part in summer swim lessons at Charles J. Cook Pool or visit Charles J. Cook Pool on their own.  They are only permitted as guests of Town of Cortlandt residents.

      The same procedure is observed for the Town of Cortlandt Ice Rink located at the Cortlandt Youth & Recreation Center.  Non-residents are only permitted when in the company of a resident.

    • What is Otocast?

      Otocast is a mobile application used for audio and visual guides of specific points of interest such as historical and recreational sites within the Town of Cortlandt.  Download Otocast today via the App Store or Google Play!

  • Recreation- Town of Cortlandt Recreation Photo ID Cards
    • Who needs a Town of Cortlandt Recreation Photo ID Card?

      All Town of Cortlandt residents ages 4+ require their own Town of Cortlandt Recreation Photo ID Card in order to visit Charles J. Cook Pool and the Ice Rink located at the Cortlandt Youth Center.

      Children ages three and under do not require their own ID Card, and are free to visit Charles J. Cook Pool.  In order to recieve the lower fee for a program (Fee with ID v. Fee without an ID) for a child that is three or under, the adult of the household will need to have their own ID Card.

    • What do I need in order to purchase a Town of Cortlandt Recreation Photo ID Card?

      All residents over the age of 18 will need to prove residency with two forms of documentation that have both your name and your Town of Cortlandt residential address.  This may include a drivers license, current utiliyt bill, car registration, etc.  Documentation can be digital.

      Town of Cortlant residency includes Cortlandt Manor, Buchanan, Montrose, Croton on Hudson, Verplanck, and SELECT STREETS of Mohegan Lake and Crompond.

    • How much does a Town of Cortlandt Recreation Photo ID Card cost?

      A Town of Cortlandt Recreation Photo ID Card is $7.00 for residents ages four through to 59.

      For Residents ages 60+, an ID Card is $3.50.

    • How long is a Town of Cortlandt Recreation Photo ID Card valid for?

      A Town of Cortlandt Recreation Photo ID Card is valid for three years from the date of purchase/ issue.

    • Where can I purchase a Town of Cortlandt Recreation Photo ID Card?

      Option 1: Residents can purchase Town of Cortlandt Recreation Photo ID Cards directly at the Town of Cortlandt Town Hall in the Recreation Department Office (#11) from 9:00 AM- 3:30 PM, no appointment required.

      Option 2 (Seasonal): Residents may also purchase Town of Cortlandt Recreation Photo ID Cards directly at Charles J. Cook Pool during seasonal operating hours from 10:45 AM- 5:30 AM.

      Option 3: Residents may also follow the steps at this link in order to complete the ID Card process via email and Community Pass.

  • Recreation- Youth Travel Soccer
    • Do you have playing time requirements for your Travel Teams?

      Other than Travel Soccer (non D1 teams), we DO NOT have playing time requirements for our Travel Teams.  Our  Travel Teams provide the higher skill level children to participate against other teams in other towns and lets them play in a more competitive atmosphere.  You may decide that this may not be best for your child and let them participate in our in-house leagues.  Our Travel Coaches do the best they can to get all players into the 

      *Travel Soccer has a playing time requirement for Division 2 - is is a minium of 1/2 a game or over.

    • How far away do your Travel Teams travel?

      For the most part, the travel teams play local towns.  For instance the team will play Yorktown, White Plains, Lewisboro, etc.

    • Where do you get your coaches?

      Most are parents, but we also have several high school students as well as some adults without children in the program.

    • Who chooses the Travel Coaches?

      The coaches are chosen by the Recreation Supervisor who oversees the respective program.

  • Recreation- Youth Basketball League & Travel Basketball
  • Recreation- Youth & Recreation Center
    • How is the Youth Center staffed?

      Lindsey Luposello, Youth Center Director develops and implements all program activities the center has to offer.  Various permanent part time staff supervise the program daily.  These Youth Center employees have many years of experience working with this population and provide a well-supervised, structured, and safe environment for your child.

    • What activities are available to my child at the Youth Center?

      Children can enjoy our rock climbing wall, cooking/ baking classes, learning lab, arts & crafts room, video game room, outdoor sports on our basketball court, and enjoy watching your favorite show/sporting event on our flat screen television!

      The Youth Center also has two satellite programs.  First, open gym at the Hendrick Hudson High School.  All participants must be HHHS district students only.  Program runs every Monday evenings from 7:30 PM- 9:30 PM.  Second, there is a Canteen Program at the Murial H. Morabito Community Center located at 29 Westbrook Drive in Cortlandt Manor on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 PM- 9:00 PM for middle school students, Wednesdays from 7:00 PM- 9:00 PM and Friday from 8:00 PM- 10:30 PM for high school students who reside in or attend Town of Cortlandt schools.  Activities include: open gym basketball,  All participants must sign a code of conduct agreement before utilizing this facility. 

    • What is the cost to attend the Youth Center?

      There is no cost to join the Youth Center or any of our satellite programs, some programs may have a nominal fee.

  • Recreation- Youth Lacrosse League
    • Do you have a boys and girls Lacrosse League?


      Currently, the Town of Cortlandt Recreation Department oversees the Girls Youth Lacrosse League for Grades 1st-6th.  Teams have practice one to two times per week.  There will be an additional fee for uniforms.  All players must register with as well as with the Town of Cortlandt Recreation Department via Community Pass at  The program requires full equipment. Limited supply of equipment provided. 


      Boys Lacrosse League for Grades K-8th is NOT managed through the Town of Cortlandt Recreation Department, but through the Sailors Youth Lacrosse Club.  Practices will be two days a week (Tuesday/ Thursday evenings- times TBD) Games will be on Saturdays and occasionally during the week.  Schedule will be available in February for all registered players.  Equipment is needed.  If you are a new player, the club will help you with equipment for the season.  For more information on how to register, fees, and more please contact at

    • Do you need any equipment for Lacrosse?

      Yes, all children should purchase a stick, gloves, and a helmet.

  • Recreation- Youth Soccer League