11/15/21 update

Below please find a DRAFT Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement/ Final Environmental Impact Statement for the MOD.

DRAFT MOD Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement/ Final Environmental Impact Statement

Appendix i Draft FGEIS Revised MOD Zoning Ordinance November 5 2021

Appendix ii DRAFT DGEIS MOD Zoning Ordinance January 11 2018

Appendix iii MOD Public Hearing Transcript June 16 2020

Appendix iv MOD Public Hearing Transcript January 14 2020

Appendix v MOD Public Hearing Transcript November 19 2019

Appendix vi Public Comments Received on the DGEIS/ DEIS

Appendix vii Traffic Appendices (Upon Request)


6/18/21 update

Please note: COVID 19 has affected the schedule and timing of the FEIS preparation.

The applicants are in the process of preparing a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) which will include modifications to their proposals in response to comments received during the public hearings on the MOD Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). The Final EIS, which is prepared by the developers and their technical staffs, will consist of:

  • The draft EIS,
  • Any necessary corrections or revisions to the draft EIS (in response to public comments or new information received),
  • Copies or a summary of all substantive comments received, indicating their source (correspondence, hearing, etc.), and
  • The lead agency's responses to substantive comments.

As part of the EIS process, any changes to the development programs proposed after the DEIS must be presented and analyzed as part of the FEIS. Once the FEIS document is received and accepted as complete by the Town, the document will be circulated to all involved and interested agencies and a public hearing on the FEIS will be scheduled by the Town Board.

We anticipate more regular updates soon. Please continue to check this website regularly for new information.

10/19/20 Update

The Town has received revised conceptual site plans for MOD from Gyrodyne and Evergreen Manor. The applicants will present their revised concept plans to the Town Board at the Monday, November 2, 2020 Town Board Work Session via Zoom (the Town Board agenda with Zoom Meeting information will be posted on the Town Board website when available here: https://www.townofcortlandt.com/cn/TownCouncil/?TID=20&TPID=2441).

This is a presentation for the Town Board and not a public hearing. The public is welcome to attend the Work Session via Zoom but please note that no public comment will be received at this meeting. The public will have an opportunity to make public comment once the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) has been prepared and submitted to the Town.   

Gyrodyne MOD Revised Site Plan

Evergreen Manor MOD Revised Site Plan

Please see the traffic presentation and presentations from the two developers below.

AKRF (The Town's traffic consultant) has provided the following presentation.

The applicants have provided the following presentations. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the applicants in the presentations are their own and do not necessarily imply an endorsement of these views, thoughts, and opinions by the Town of Cortlandt.

what is the MOD?

The MOD or "Medically Oriented District"  is a planning strategy developed as part of Envision Cortlandt, the Town’s Sustainable Comprehensive Plan as a mechanism to encourage revitalization and economic expansion in the area immediately surrounding the hospital center and along Crompond Road (Route 202/35) corridor by providing a planning and zoning framework to guide future development.   In the Sustainable Comprehensive Plan,  the goals of the MOD included providing both medical uses and housing that would allow for both a continuum of care (aging in place) as well as attracting and maintaining millennial workforce housing (to combat brain drain).  The intent is to create a healthy, mixed-use, neighborhood-scale district that benefits residents and employees of the district as well as patients and families visiting the MOD.  

Any questions or comments please email MOD@TOWNOFCORTLANDT.COM .

Prior MOD Public Hearings

June 16, 2020 Public Hearing Video

June 16, 2020 Public Hearing Transcript

JanuAry 14, 2020 Public Hearing Video


November 19, 2019 Public Hearing Video

November 19, 2019 Public Hearing Transcript

MOD Environmental Review Documents

Cover Letter for Notice of Competion DGEIS/ DEIS

MOD DGEIS/ DEIS Notice of Completion

Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) and the Draft Enrvionmental Impact Statement (DEIS) and Appendices






Initial Public Outreach Meetings

The projects have been slightly modified since these initial public outreach meetings (See DGEIS/ DEIS link above for current proposals).


comments received at 6/6/18 and 8/1/18 public outreach meetings 

V.S. Construction (Evergreen)